Your donation to Hosparus will help care for those patients and families who are unable to pay for our services. Your donations also support grief counseling for loved ones, as well as care for our pediatric patients who lack or have inadequate insurance coverage. In 2014, Hosparus provided $2.1 million dollars in charity care. We need your help to serve those patients and families with little or no ability to pay. 

Every donation makes a difference in your community!

Here are some examples of what your donation can do for the patients of Hosparus:

$1,043 Provides one week of care and pain management for a patient with no ability to pay.
$511 Provides care for a pediatric patient for 3 days.
$120 Provides books for dealing with grief for 125 individuals who have lost a loved one. 
$62 Allows Hosparus to give military recognition through our "We Honor Vets" program to 5 indviduals.
$30 Can provide 30 turbans to boost self esteem and provide warmth for patients.